Archery Tag

We are now providing Archery Tag across the South West! This unique sport is a combination of Archery, Paintball and Dodge Ball, taking the best bits out of all these sports and creating one master piece. Players must work together to shoot and eliminate the opposing team, inflatable bunkers provide good shelter, but there isn’t enough room for you all!

You do not need any previous Archery experience to play this game. All the equipment is completely mobile and we are able to deliver this adrenaline packed sport to a location near you, Indoors (Sports & Village Halls) or Outdoors (Fields, Parks, Gardens, Woodland & Astro Pitches).  We have locations we use regularly in Exeter and Exmouth, so you can always come to us.

Archery Tag is perfect for ages 7+, friends, colleagues, families and large groups of people. Ideal for a range of occasions: parties, fetes, fun days, scout groups, corporate events, schools, medieval events, young famer clubs and more.

Is It Safe?

Archery Tag is very safe and completely family friendly. We use foam tipped arrows and smaller bows, which have been specifically designed for Archery Tag. We also provide players with face masks and arm guards while playing. Many people describe it as paintball without the bruises and welts.


Children's Party
(ages 7-15)

£150 per hour

Adult's Party
(ages 16+)

£250 per hour

All prices are based on 1 hour, up to 16 players, arrows, inflatable bunkers and 1 Rep.

We can accommodate more players on a rotating basis.

Price does not include venue charge, an additional charge of £40 per hour if booked at our venues.

We charge £50 for every extra half an hour.

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"Very good value for money, tailored to your specific needs and fun for all ages, boys or girls. Danny is fantastic with kids and they have the best time. I would highly recommend Danny and his team for parties and out of school activities and clubs."

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